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02 June 2013

Prying Spring from the Jaws of Winter!

We've been here over a week, and I have to tell you that it's just COLD!!  It's kind of like we've gone from winter to 'post-winter!'  Nevertheless, having done NOTHING up here last year when it was soooo hot and dry, I've been working in overdrive in the yard.  This will be a hodge podge of photographs, but I felt the need to post something!

Since we got here a little later than planned, I was afraid we had missed the 'blooming of the apple trees.'  Happily, they waited for us!  This is a smaller tree in the back, and...

...this is the HUGE apple tree on the east side.  It's just beautiful!  You may remember that it was the backdrop for this post
last fall when the apples were literally falling onto my tablescape!

Same big apple tree with a fuschia sitting on the cherry-picking ladder.

Beautiful creamy white blossoms of one of two plum trees.

There are four beds, three of which are planted.  The fourth one will hopefully materialize this week sometime (if it gets a tad warmer!).  I'll save those for later as 'before' pics; hopefully there will be some nice 'after' shots later in the summer.

For now, I'm in the basement doing laundry.  Have a good Sunday, y'all!