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15 February 2013

Post Valentine's Day - Pre Spring!

A new banner and a new-ish look for spring!

Hope all had a fabulous Valentine's Day!  It's a beautiful day here, and I just wanted to wish all of you a happy Friday!

And thanks to Barbara at 21 Rosemary Lane for a great tutorial on how to manipulate your header so it's finally the size you want!  

13 February 2013

Ash Wednesday

No Mardi Gras picture; no wreath on the front door.  Time for reflection and penitence.  

10 February 2013


The last parade of the season in Baton Rouge is the infamous, notorious, Spanish Town Parade, which takes place in a most unique part of downtown.  It draws tens of thousands of people and is just the most fun!
We are soooo fortunate to have friends who live on the parade route; we are among the dozens who are lucky enough to be invited to their home (parking, bathroom, etc!).  

The symbol of the parade is the pink flamingo; that's a whole other story, and pink is the color du jour!
The theme every year reflects (loosely) some event, usually political, to which all can relate.  We've had the BP oil spill, lots of local political embarrassments, etc. in past years.  This year was the Hostess Twinkie debacle!  Herewith are some of the highlights (!) from this year!

 Our good friend and host, in the purple glasses, was the Grand Marshall!

 Spanish Town is a very old, interesting, and unique part of downtown.

 The Capitol Grocery is a landmark... is the State Capitol.

A hastily made sign so that all would know WE have friends in HIGH places!

 Keeping us all safe!

Tutus were apparently the dress of the day, though The Headmistress did NOT appear in one (she did, however wear one here for Halloween)!
The requisite 'Second Line' led the parade; usually, the second line comes at the END of a parade, but, then, this is Spanish Town!

A reference to the theme...

Most of the Krewes have 'fun' names!

A sea of hands!  The Headmaster and I rode one year and it was the most fun I've ever had; to see thousands of people with their arms outstretched waiting for a tacky pair of beads...just the best!
This particular krewe (one of my favorites) added a State of Con-Stant Embarrassment.  The 'Con' refers to the plethora of our Louisiana politicians who have spent some time in jumpsuits - and there are quite a few!

A float blowing soap suds!  You just never know what you'll see!

I hope you've enjoyed this virtual Mardi Gras Parade and also hope that I haven't offended anyone!  I had to eliminate some of the photos, but they are on FB!

It's Spanish Town, y'all!

09 February 2013

Letting the Good Times Roll!

Thanks to some wonderful friends who live on parade routes, we had birds'-eye views for two great parades this weekend!

The first, Southdowns, is a sweet little neighborhood parade, held at night.  It's very kid-friendly, and there were lots of kids (big ones AND little ones)!

Here are some pictures from that parade:

Friends of the Flambeaux:  back in the real old days, before floats were lit, flambeaux (torches) were carried along side for light.  Originally, they were these huge kerosene things, but for this parade, most were the 'tiki' torch sort of thing!

Our hostess invites only the FINEST people!

A small part of the huge spread!

Caledonian Society - always a hit in a parade!

Our new rector and his family; their first Mardi Gras!!!

A precious 'bead magnet!'

Miss Thing in all her finery!

And this one bit the dust!  Precious!!

Will post Spanish Town Parade photographs tomorrow; that one, not QUITE so kid-friendly!

It's Southdowns Mardi Gras, y'all!

02 February 2013


As we are currently in South Louisiana (until summer), and as I've seen numerous tablescapes from bloggers from the north, Midwest, east, etc., I felt obligated (!) to do a tablescape. around the homestead here, I came up with a satisfactorily gaudy appropriate decor, I think!  The carnival season is in full swing in New Orleans, and to a small extent, here in Baton Rouge as well.  We won't be going to parades until next weekend (and only here; we're too old for that New Orleans thing, plus there's that minor sporting event at the same time!), but there WILL be pictures (those fit to print!).

In the meantime, here's my offering for a Mardi Gras table!
Since the courtyard has now been cleaned spic and span (you can see that here), I thought I would set up out there.
 I covered the table with my nifty 'table pad' made from foam core board (it's just a teensy bit warped!),

and used a piece of vinyl from HL for the 'tablecloth.'
Chargers are brass, and I nearly stole them from Mervyn's years and years and years ago.  They are all marked $9.99, but I think I paid like, $2.00 for each one.  They are a little 'beaten' after years of use (and probably neglect), but they still do the trick!
The only green plates (except some Christmas ones) that I have,
topped with some sweet violet colored dishes.  I love these, and used them last year, here, on Mother's Day.

Now for the CROWNS!  You can't have a Mardi Gras vignette without some royal headgear!

HL has their Mardi Gras stuff on sale, and I picked up this surprisingly substantial coronet for not too much!

I have eight of these cute little candle holders (I bought them from someone, can't remember who, who also has a blog) and just had to paint three of them!

And napkin rings from The Royal Standard.

Wine glasses from Von Stiehl Winery,

and green tumblers from World Market.

Some fleur di lis sprinkles, and we have...