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A former middle school principal, I am blissfully enjoying retirement with the Headmaster! Thank you for visiting, commenting, and following!

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  1. Nancy, I am definitely a follower!!! This is great!

    1. Bless your heart, Karen! Thank you so much! I really don't know what I'm doing yet, but I'm trying to learn! Love you!

    2. Hi Nancy, I love your blog. I am confused, however. never having a blog, I am unsure of all the pictures. Are they all pictures of your home, or are they other bloggers that you follow? Sorry to be so dumb, but this is new to me as well.
      I will be a loyal follower, I just need a little guidance.
      Judy P in MS

    3. Hi, Judy! I'm from MS originally myself; Jackson, as a matter of fact!
      I am VERY new to blogging (I think mine is a good three weeks old)! As far as the pictures, they are all mine (though not necessarily of MY home, yard, etc). You will be able to see that when I FINALLY figure out an easy way to attach a watermark to them. Many I took last year before I ever knew I would be doing this!
      I apologize that 'about this blog' doesn't have ANYTHNG ABOOUT IT posted; I haven't gotten that far!!!! :) Maybe in a few weeks I can determine where it's going. I am on a HUGE learning curve!
      I hope I've answered your questions, 'kind of.' Please, feel free to follow; I'm sure you can learn plenty from my mistakes!


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