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My 'Helpful' Staff!

As I am new to blogging, I find that having a helpful staff is most useful, as I have learned from a number of the more experienced bloggers that I follow.
  Assistant #1 is Hannah, our five year old German Shepherd.  Hannah specializes in taste tasting, more specifically, whole Honey Baked hams, and anything belonging to me (diamond earrings that were, thankfully, 'retrieved' after she chewed them up a couple of years ago).  She tends to leave her Daddy's things alone and only takes my stuff; I'm certain it's because she loves me (!!) so much.
The Han in her Mardi Gras regalia...clearly not pleased.
Assistant #2 is the nemesis of the above:  he is Midnight, the Magical Cat.  He has come by this moniker because very few humans have seen him.  He only appears for 'certain' people!
Midnight...the Magical Cat!

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  1. can you have no comments on such cuties??? Maybe the "magical cat" is an improvement on our "Princess Posie", who just has to hop up on every visitor to check them out. Lots of times I have had to lock her away in the bedroom :^0....bad cat.....
    Love your assistants!


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