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29 July 2013

En Plein Air

One of the great things about where we live in Wisconsin is our close proximity to the beautiful Door County, on the northeast peninsula.  Year round, but during the summer especially, the place bursts with tons of cultural activities.  A major player in this is the Peninsula School of Art (the scene of my very first art class ever, Drawing for Dummies, this summer).  Each year, the school sponsors a Plein Air festival, attracting artists from around the country.  

On the final day of this week-long event, artists participate in a "paint out" in and around Fish Creek.  This was my first opportunity to see for myself these talented artists.  My dream is that one day I can be proficient enough to try my hand at watercolors, so I can sit in our backyard and produce an 'plein air' work of my own!
Enjoy some of the works created in a very short time today!

The stunningly beautiful hollyhocks, blooming all over the county, provided subject matter for many artists.

See this cute little wooden boat in the harbor?  It, too, was a very popular subject:

Other boats in the harbor were of interest as well:

Permanent residents were enjoying the sights; look how clear that water is!

And here is just a sampling of some of the other artists who were painting.  It was a beautiful, cool day.  What talent!!

I hope you enjoyed the art 'tour.'  Speaking of tours, tomorrow is the annual Door County House and Garden Walk.  It promises to be a gloriously beautiful day so, God willing, I'll be off up there again!

11 July 2013

Tardy, Tardy, TARDY!

My, but it's been a long time since I offered a post!

Everything (including me) is late in northeast Wisconsin this year.  A late and cool spring has delayed a lot of blooming that is usually at it's peak about now.  But that's OK!!  A longer time to enjoy the weather and the growing season!

Here is just a snapshot of what's happening around our house!

On the chicken coop,an old stock pot hanging on a hay hook is filled with a potato vine and purple and white petunias.  Making a great show!

Deck boxes (pictures taken from the back) are filled with orange and purple superbells and white petunias; also creeping jenny, but you can't see it)
Last year's 'new' bed.  Knock out roses are looking great; phlox is about ready to bloom, and the artemesia is on a rampage!
Black-eyed susan vine; I love this thing!  Next year, one will also be in the above mentioned stock pot!
Trailing lobelia showing itself in this basket; also includes trailing verbena which is also kind of tardy!
A little finch (?) taking in all the action!
Hannah looking pitiful in her kennel behind the Annabelle hydrangea.  Not to worry; she was 'sprung' right after this was taken!

Hoping to have more later!  Enjoy the summer!