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14 September 2013

A Fall Door

I have been south for a couple of weeks doing 'parental maintenance' and will be back north early next week.  Then, in about six weeks, we will be south again for the winter!  ( head constantly spins).  

While I'm here, I've been doing some 'readying' of the house for fall, so that when we do get back, it's one less chore I'll have to tackle!

The door arrangement was simple!  Just yank the spring arrangement out of the door pocket and plop the HL flowers in!  Took all of about five minutes!  I had some stuff (e.g., the trailing vine and leaves) left over from my fall stash.  Couldn't have been easier.  

As I look around the house, I have now determined that 'less is more,' so much of the fall stuff will be put back up.  Too much of it is already making me nervous, and I just can't handle the 'cluttery' aspect!  Wonder if I'll have that same attitude come Christmas?  Hmmm....

Those of you in the midwest ENJOY the fall temps!  It's still broiling down here, and I just can't wait to get back!

Midnight, the Magical Cat   1996 - 2013

On a sadder note, we lost Midnight, one of my assistants, two weeks ago.  He had stopped eating and simply crawled into a hiding place to fade away.  We did, however, locate him, and he is now resting under the new lilac tree in the back of the property in Wisconsin.  We love you, Midnight, and miss you terribly.