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26 May 2013

Time To Remember

While we are all celebrating and enjoying this holiday as the 'official' start to summer, let's not forget the true intention of the day:  honoring those brave souls who have given all for the United States of America!

Thanks to all who served, and a grateful thanks to those who gave all.


22 May 2013

Storms or No Storms: Here We Come!

We are so saddened by the storms that have wracked the Oklahoma area.  Once does this happen, and to small children????  We have donated to the Red Cross (, and hope that many of you will feel moved to do the same.

Nevertheless, though this rage postponed us for a day (we were, as usual, already late leaving), we are out this morning.  We will, God willing, be in south/central Illinois tonight on our first leg, and in our summer home by the end of the day on Thursday.

We would so gratefully appreciate your prayers for safe travel.


12 May 2013

Color (and lots of it) for Mother's Day

Mother's Day today was relaxing and quite laid back.  It's been a trying week, and with my Mother in agreement, we scaled way back!  After church, the Headmaster and I brought barbecue to my parents and actually...wait for it....ATE ON PAPER PLATES AND USED PAPER NAPKINS!!!!!  Now, for me to have agreed to this was quite something, but neither she nor I felt like doing a boat load of dishes!  The meal was great as was the visit, so, a successful Mother's Day was had by all!


I've had this table in mind for quite a while; I just couldn't resist setting and posting it today!  Everything (with one or two exceptions) came from the Dollar Tree!  They have had some really cute stuff there lately, and it all just went together with some other things I already had from there.  The colors just scream summer, which we are well into in south Louisiana!

This fun table started off with a piece of oilcloth from JoAnn's; I just loved its colors, and since they were all primary, I knew I could combine my DT things with it!  The lime green placemats were DT.

Dishes (blue and yellow used today) were also from the Dollar Tree.  (Neither paper nor plastic!)

I saw these stems in their online catalog, but couldn't find them in the store; so, I ordered them online; a dollar each.  Six will stay here, six will go north in a week or so!  I think they are so adorable!

Each place has a cute metal pot filled with a pair of gardening gloves and seed packets.  Seeds were four for a dollar; I'm going to try to sprinkle some in one of the beds later.  If they come up great, if not, the seed packets are awfully cute!

Another metal pot holds faux daisies.

Napkins from Kohl's (I think) are tied with a cute polka dotted ribbon in primary colors.

Oops!  Look who showed up to investigate the drainage opening!  Gratefully, he found nothing!

Happy Mother's Day from the Headmaster and the Headmistress!

10 May 2013

Wal-Mart Roses!

For a variety of reasons, this Mother's Day on my end is going to be laid back (take-out barbecue, paper plates and paper napkins) and VERY low-key.
The last week has seen the deaths of two very good friends, and I have spent it in the car ferrying parents to and fro to doctors' appointments, grocery shopping, etc.  That, and the fact that we are get ready to head north.

I had to make a Wal-Mart run this morning, and ran into these GORGEOUS my favorite color...for $9.98!!!!!  Now, if the Headmaster had ordered these from our local florist, they would have been a fortune.  I couldn't resist.  

So, there will not be a really pretty tablescape to show, but I did want to share these beautiful roses!  Head to your local Wal-Mart!  I may yet make another trip!
Happy Mothers' Day, y'all!