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30 May 2012

A Tale of Two Households

No, not ours, but a photo of a great old cabin out in the country in n'east Wisconsin!  Fall, 2011.

Twice a year we pick up and move from Louisiana to Wisconsin and back again.  After a few years of doing this, we finally are still trying to have things down to a science (keep in mind that we are also traveling with the two assistants)!  Part of the move involves shipping a few 'culinary' items that can't be readily found here, and that we just can't live without!  Here is what was in the box I shipped to myself:

Jambalaya mix and Camellia red beans!

This is the ONLY brand I can use, and I haven't seen them up here.

Also, I shipped a few vintage linens up to use. Wish I had brought more...oh well, there is always Etsy!!

The old watering can with dried Annabelle and Endless Summer hydrangeas is always here!

Because we are much more casual up here, we don't bring the china with us (we'd never get it all here!).  However, I did, a few years ago, manage to bring some great PLASTIC(!!) unbreakable dishes bought several years ago from Wal-Mart.  It will probably be the ONLY 'tablescape' I will manage to do for six months!  Anyway, here are some of the lovely margarita glasses from the set! (Yes, the wallpaper is VERY dated and needs desperately to be changed!  Assistants, get in here!!).

Today is cold and rainy, so the indoor project du jour is rearranging the pantry and culling stuff that has expired.  Lots to be done, inside and out.  Will take a few more days to 'regroup' and then hopefully some pictures and catch-up posts!

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24 May 2012

God Bless America...on Memorial Day and Everyday

No posts from me for a while; the Headmaster and I will be traveling this weekend, along with the two assistants (this is a TWO day trip!!!), to northeast Wisconsin for the summer and hopefully most of the fall!

However, I couldn't let this weekend pass without a remembrance to all the servicemen and women who have given the ultimate gift to our country.  It is my hope that all will pause during this prelude to summer to remember them.  God bless them all!  Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

14 May 2012

Eye Candy @ The Farmers' Market

Jumping the gun, just a wee bit, but I can't wait to get to Wisconsin and the wonderful Farmers' Markets.  In addition to the larger markets, there are fabulous little roadside stands where the freshest produce can be found.  These photographs are from last year, but I'm sure this year the offerings will be just as appealing! 

 Enjoy! at the market!

Don't you just adore these colors?

And art, too!

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13 May 2012

Violets for Mom...Reprise!

Just a few last photos from the Mother's Day Celebration here today.  On the menu:  Crab Au Gratin, stuffed potatoes, Caesar salad, and mini-cupcakes.  Once again...a good time was had by all!  Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

08 May 2012

Violets for Mom

My mother has always loved flowers, and her yard is one of the nicest in the neighborhood. It is amazing  the way she can take a teeny cutting of something, put in the ground, and in a very short time, have a nice sized plant. 

Sadly, I have no such green thumb; I was dearly hoping to acquire that particular gene.

So, on this Mother's Day, I thought it only fitting that the table reflect her love of flowers and gardening.

Collecting china decorated with violets is my latest obsession; I have to stop soon, because there is very little room left to store everything!  But, I'm happy to have the few pieces that have managed to come my way.  For this setting, a collection of violet china (some mismatched), my Grand Baroque sterling (mixed with her Sir Christopher), and her Fostoria Rosepoint crystal will be the main focus.  The centerpiece:  a sweet box filled with African violets for her to take home.  I hope she enjoys it!

Here is one of my 'several' caveats:  I didn't have time to set an entire table, so I used the antique tea cart to do a place setting for one.  The green stem is from the Dollar Tree.

Using my mother's Rosepoint beautiful!

This adorable box (wish the writing would have shown up) will hold three African violets...

Beautiful dinner plate from the Czech Reputlic...

Ah, yes...the usual suspect used as an underplate for the salad plate (to bring out the green in the stems and leaves of the violets)...

Limoges salad plate...poor photo :(

A sweet little berry bowl from Germany...

A combination of my Wallace Grand Baroque and my mother's Wallace Sir Christopher.  I love to mix up the silver!

A sweet little amethyst dish from One King's Lane...and

Because I didn't have the violets tonight, I have added some gardenias from her's all about her, after all, isn't it?


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