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18 April 2014


To those of you who have graciously followed this little blog, I thank you.

The Headmaster is having serious health issues, in the forms of Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia (that's the really evil one).

This will be my final post.  Thank you again for following me and for your very sweet comments.  I must also say how very MUCH I have learned from all of you in so many, many areas.  Additionally, I have made friends whom I've never met in person, and I treasure those relationships.

If possible, when you pray, you would say a prayer for Dave and for all of those with this awful affliction.  While it is not Alzheimer's, it is truly, truly sad and horribly debilitating.  We do not know at this point what the future holds.  If there are any of you have have any experience with LBD and would like to share with me, I would be forever grateful.

Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.