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28 August 2012

Only ONE Thing On My Mind

For the next several days, there will be only one thing on my mind, and his name is Isaac.  We are some 1100 miles away from our home and family and friends in southeast Louisiana - the bull's eye target for this most unwelcome intruder.  In addition, our friends in the "Land Mass between Mobile and New Orleans (formerly known as the state of Mississippi), are on the very dangerous east side of this storm.
Please...pray for all involved.

14 August 2012

Pull Up a Chair!

My favorite shop in Door County (Wisconsin), has become Julie's Upscale Resale Shop (check here for other neat things I've found there this summer).  Julie does her customers a great service by posting daily some photos of new items that come into the store on her Facebook page.  Since we're about an hour away, that's very helpful!  Last week, a precious chair appeared and she was kind enough to hold it for me!  Today I drove up to pick it up and saw it for the first time; what a treat!  I thought I'd share this beautiful thing with all of you!

The fabric is probably an 'imitation' needlepoint; the stitches are too perfect!  It's a little shabby, and at some point I'll have to take it apart and re-upholster, but for now, I'm just loving the colors!

The Headmaster is showing the back of the chair; fabric is a solid.  Please notice that he has a sticker on that says 'I VOTED TODAY!'  It's election day in Wisconsin today!

This beauty was apparently manufactured by the Colonial Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, MI, and inspected by No. 22!  Also, please note that they 'build to a standard, not down to a price!'  

A little detail of the carving on the leg...

I'm so happy with my find and will probably just look at it all night!

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