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08 April 2012

Hail Thee, Festival Day!

A glorious Easter Day here in south Louisiana!  The entire Holy Week has been a fabulous experience, especially with a new rector on board at Trinity Church in Baton Rouge!  Today found us at the glorious Easter Day service, and afterwards, hosting our family here in our home.  Pictures of the church and the dessert follow!
The altar at Trinity Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Photo by The Reverend R. Kevin Kelly
The Easter Cake!

And here is the #2 assistant, Midnight, the Magical Cat, after everyone had departed.  I just know I heard him saying, "Please, sir,...may I have...MORE?"  Shortly thereafter, I heard the orchestra strike up 'Food, Glorious Food!' from the musical OLIVER!  Or, maybe I've just been in overdrive this week and am hearing things; or, maybe...not!


  1. Lovely! Midnight is a cutie! Hope you had a fabulous Easter!...hugs...Debbie

    1. Thanks, Debbie! YOU are my first comment!!! I just started this blog and it is 'on the job training!' Thanks again for commenting!


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