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10 April 2012

All Things Green, and Purple, and Red, and...

Like nearly everyone else, our spring came very early this year, and the flowers started putting on a show way ahead of schedule:
The irises were some of the first; actually there was one blooming on Christmas Day!
The Knock-Outs are, as usual, knocking themselves out all over town!
One of the first of the daylilys to bloom - I wish I knew the variety!
And then, there's this!  I started watching this fine specimen weeks ago and decided to leave it up just to watch the flowers on it.  The bees loved it!  Now...the thing is over five feet tall.  I shall take it down when I locate the appropriate body armor (and maybe TNT and a backhoe)!!!  What a weed!!!!  Happy Spring, everyone!

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  1. Nancy, I love thistles! You did a beautiful job photographing these lovely "weeds". I'm sure you will need a coat of armor AND a back hoe to take it out!
    I am a new follower!

  2. Thank you, Yvonne, for following me. I'm a great admirer of yours, and a brand new blogger. I'm learning as I go!!! Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy! I think your daylilly may be "Joan Senior," I had one at my last house and it looks very similar! Christina

  4. Seeing your flowers is like a coming attraction for me!
    That is some weed!
    Thanks for coming over to visit! I hope you are thinking about joining in the challenge on the 18 th!

  5. Kathleen: if I can get that thing out of the ground by then, I'll try to participate!!


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