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01 August 2013

Door County Garden Walk

For several years I have looked forward to this event in our area...for a multitude of reasons I wasn't able to go until this year.  
Each year, a local medical facility sponsors this House and Garden Walk as a fundraiser.  I didn't realize that there was 'heavy' emphasis on the House aspect, as I really wanted to see the gardens.  Though I was a tad disappointed at the whole affair, I did manage to get some photographs of lovely things.  Hope you enjoy!

Isn't this a beautiful driveway?

And isn't this a beautiful 'summer home?'  Most every room faces the bay...a beautiful sunset every evening!

 Stunning walk down to the bay!

Gigantic it!

And isn't this a cute little garden shed?

 Dahlias at the last stop on the tour.  I don't grow them; these were HUGE and beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed the Garden Walk!


  1. The ajuga was huge. Beautiful walk Nancy.

  2. My ajuga looks dwarfed in comparison. What a lovely home and garden. This is where we need to be for the summer!

  3. Well, at least what you saw WAS pretty. Door County has always been a HOME and GARDEN show. I think the one in Kewaunee is he same. Hope you have a great weekend- I am dead on my feet here (I guess that would be my butt being as I am sitting!;>) xo Diana

  4. I did not know ajuga could grow so large! My favorite is the red garden shed. Thanks for taking us on the tour.


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