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22 May 2013

Storms or No Storms: Here We Come!

We are so saddened by the storms that have wracked the Oklahoma area.  Once does this happen, and to small children????  We have donated to the Red Cross (, and hope that many of you will feel moved to do the same.

Nevertheless, though this rage postponed us for a day (we were, as usual, already late leaving), we are out this morning.  We will, God willing, be in south/central Illinois tonight on our first leg, and in our summer home by the end of the day on Thursday.

We would so gratefully appreciate your prayers for safe travel.



  1. Praying for safe travels! Where oh where is your summer home? Do you stay all summer long? xo

  2. Praying for everyone involved and did donate to the Red Cross!


  3. Nancy, just now reading this so hopefully you are safely at your destination. A summer wonderful. Enjoy!


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