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21 April 2013

The Wedding Gowns

This is a follow up to the post last week on some of the gowns designed by New Orleanian Suzanne Perron.  
She is a wonderful dressmaker, artist, designer who designs very high end gowns for Carnival Queens and maids, debutantes, and brides.  Currently there is an exhibition of a dozen plus a few of the gowns at the LSU Museum of Art in Baton Rouge.  If you live in the area, this is something not to be missed!
(While I was a little disappointed that the veils were  not included, I have noticed that lately veils don't seem to be as prominent as they once were).

Suzanne Perron - Photo from the LSU Museum of Art

Her wonderful book, Designing in Ivory and White, takes a much closer look the construction of these gowns, and traces their development from sketch to muslin sample to the intricate handwork that provides the exquisite finish.  It is a lovely, lovely book.  Brides, Carnival queens, maids, and debutantes are featured.

The LSU Museum exhibit has three of the wedding gowns on display.  I tried to get as many pictures as I could, even from the back, as the beautiful work doesn't just stop in the front!  I hope you'll enjoy these!

Gown #!:

Gown #2:

This is the actual bride in the gown, a picture from the book.

Gown #3:

The exhibit also has a number of her sketches:

This was a fabulous exhibit!  Thank you so much for enjoying it with me!


  1. Gorgeous! Stunning! and that doesn't sound like enough praise for these gowns.

  2. OMGOSH, Nancy- You must have been just stupefied looking at all those gorgeous gowns. What a amazing exhibit. xo Diana

  3. I kinda ashamed to be sitting here in my sweats looking at these gorgeous creations. I am surprised they would allow photography.

  4. Exquisite! Absolutely exquisite!

  5. Lovely and thankfully two had straps. I am not a fan of strapless bridal dresses.

  6. They are so exquisite! I wonder if I can drag my husband there? Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a grand exhibit to see in person. Thanks for sharing with those of us that can't go in person. fondly ~lynne~

  8. Ok, now I'm shaking my head in amazement after this post and its predecessor. I, too, am a big fan of queens and princesses and brides and their gorgeous attire. The handwork in these gowns must have been a sight to behold in person! Lucky you! Thanks for giving us a peak.


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