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24 December 2012

Papa Noel Comes To The River Parishes!

St. James Christmas Eve Bonfire 1.jpg
Image from The Times-Picayune

The forecast storms managed to stay away until Papa Noel's way was lit along the River Road in St James Parish tonight!  

What a sight!  After church, we joined the mob:  thousands of people, thousands of cars, and over a hundred bonfires up and down the levee! If you missed the original post about this lovely tradition, you can find it here.

Sadly, I am most definitely NOT a very good photographer (especially at night), but some of you indicated you were interested in seeing the fires lit, so....

Imagine this spectacular sight all up and down the River Road, for about eight miles.  There were fireworks, too.  Maybe in the New Year, I can learn to take pictures at night!

In addition to the thousands of cars, there were TOUR buses winding their way down the narrow River Road with the rest of us; THIS is the way to go!

No Louisiana celebration would be complete without a 'brass band.'  It sounded like Mardi Gras!

Once again, Merry Christmas from the Headmistress, the Headmaster, and staff!
We are awaiting major storms tomorrow; we are so happy that the weather held off tonight!

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  1. Nancy, Thank you for sharing this wonderful celebration. I had no idea anything like this even existed, and your pictures were great.


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