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14 December 2012

A Broken Heart

There is but one and only one thing that is filling my mind today, and that is the thought of twenty little babies, who probably loved school, and who were eagerly awaiting for Christmas and Santa.  Their do they get through this?  We have cancelled our plans for this evening; there can be no celebrating in our hearts.

Please...just pray.


  1. I have been sending prayers to the families all day. As a former teacher things like this are always on your mind when caring for other people's loved ones especially children.

    1. Indeed they are, Donna. I just can't wrap my head around any of this....and as if on cue, the beautiful sunny sky this morning has now clouded up; it's like Mother Nature is crying.

  2. All I can think to do is pray for everyone involved-responders, survivors and those who've gone on to heaven. So very sad for them all-I pray for all of them to find strength.

  3. My heart is breaking too! This makes no sense to me. Our world is not safe anymore, I know the good out weighs the bad,..........but when things like this happen it makes you wonder.

  4. We also cancelled plans to go out to a staff party. There's no way.

  5. I can't imagine. I have my Kindergartener SweetCheeks here for the weekend- I picked her up at noon yesterday- It is sad beyond belief. xo Diana

  6. I feel so helpless and feel such sorrow. I have 5 grandchildren and one of my daughters is a Teacher in Florida. God bless all of the families. God bless us all in this society we live in.


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