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28 August 2012

Only ONE Thing On My Mind

For the next several days, there will be only one thing on my mind, and his name is Isaac.  We are some 1100 miles away from our home and family and friends in southeast Louisiana - the bull's eye target for this most unwelcome intruder.  In addition, our friends in the "Land Mass between Mobile and New Orleans (formerly known as the state of Mississippi), are on the very dangerous east side of this storm.
Please...pray for all involved.


  1. Nancy, I'm praying for you and others along this storms track. Be safe and take care.
    Shelia ;)

  2. I hope your family and friends survived the storm ok. It has been on my mind too. The news coverage has been extensive on it!

  3. Hi Nancy, Thanks for the visit today! We made it though the storm okay with only minor damage. We were out of electricity for a few days but we're back to normal now. We were just a little to the east of the center and it had weakened by the time it made it to us. Blessings, Tammy

  4. Nancy, I hope your home weathered the storm. I cannot imagine the rain amounts that were reported for those in the path.


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