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02 June 2012

Afternoon the Garden Centers!

It has just simply been unseasonably COLD since we arrived in n'east Wisconsin last week, and the weather just hasn't been conducive to visiting garden centers.  Today, however, we 'toyed' with 70 degrees and I managed to coerce convince the Headmaster to accompany to some local places (we love to buy local whenever we can).  The nurseries are pretty much loaded and will remain so for a few more weeks, then all will be gone :(

There are two new beds here that need attention, not to mention the established beds that need some weeding and mulching.  But today it was flower time!  These will go in pots and in the boxes that line the wrap-around deck.  So, without further ado, here is what I found today; eye candy, for sure!!

First, though, a look at what's already here.  Two views of our lilac tree that smells wonderful.  It's planted right outside the guest room and I always leave the windows in that room (and most of the other ones) open so that when you walk in you experience the most beautiful scent.  I'll have to cut some to bring in soon!

The hostas lining the sidewalk from the garage to the deck.  Once again, they seem to have been on steroids during the winter and spring!   See that dark green 'carpet' at the bottom right?  It's that creeping thyme that will absolutely take over EVERYTHING.  And it apparently LOVES Wisconsin winters!  I can hardly control it!

Some weeks ago, someone (I'm so sorry I don't remember who) posted on the little violas that 'volunteer' every year.  These are some of ours that have found a home next to the old chicken coop.

And now, today's purchases.  Two lovely red geranium hanging baskets (just one pictured), found on sale!

Yellow super-bells and lobelia for boxes on the south side of the deck.

More super-bells; these are called 'Candyland'.  Don't they just look like little jewels or little pieces of candy?  I just love them!

Trailing lobelia (new to me) that will go in the Candyland boxes.  Now...if I can only close my eyes and shear it back, it will, I'm told, fill out nicely!  I just hate to do that!

Three varieties of coleus for a pot on the deck.

Not pictured, white geraniums that will go in the little red wagon along with some nasturtiums I'm going to sow with them.  The colors will be nice if it works!

There are a few other garden spots that I need to visit, and I'm sure there will be a few more purchases!  But this is a start, and hopefully the weather will cooperate and these things will take off soon!  Stay tuned!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Beautiful flowers! I use trailing lobelia every year on the steps on my front deck. They are so delicate and pretty.

  2. Beautiful flowers. Kove the colors.


  3. Hi Nancy
    Thanks for visiting. I came over to see if you were enjoying vacation and you are toiling away gardening! I love the trailing blue lobelia. Mine was supposed to be trailing. but it has become more bushy than trailing. I have two six packs and a couple of hanging baskets and I will be finished. It has actually been cool and rainy here, but we are not complaining. I wore a light-weight sweater yesterday -it was in the upper sixties -cool for me!

  4. I received a Sunshine Award and One Lovely Blog award and have passed them on to you :)


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