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03 May 2012

Rooster Party! Part the Second

Taking a break from prepping for this little gathering tomorrow evening.  Food is prepared, except for the guacamole which I will do tomorrow.

I decided early on that I wanted to add some sort of plants to the rooster.  Yesterday, I spent part of the day in a HUMONGOUS rainstorm splashing through the garden center (and ruining a pair of shoes) searching for just the right things; I had visions of blue daze and some bright yellow/orange flowers dancing in my head.  However, all of those were in huge pots and I needed plants in those little six-pack things.  Periwinkle was as good as I found, which I decided would be better than nothing.  Already having a package of teeny-weeny clay pots, I stuck the periwinkle in those; also added were two small sprigs of creeping jenny.  Those little pots are so cute!!

Caveat:  these are some of the worst pictures I've ever taken, but I was/am in a hurry!  Underneath the rooster I plopped a disposable aluminum tray to hold the plants and provide a 'nest' for everything.

Now, that ugly tray had to be hidden, so out came a package of 'fake' moss; I'll continue to play with it until all the aluminum is hidden.  Oh, look:  there's one of the many grocery bags that are taking up space in the dining room! Charming!!! :)  No time to crop!   More views:

And then, as an almost afterthought (because I forgot that I had them), I pulled out these great colorful linens that I will use somehow...somewhere!

Back to lunch, back to work!  Thanks for keeping up with this fun project!

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  1. That red rooster is so handsome and cheerful. And the plants in tiny pots look so lovely.

  2. Thanks, Olga! Hoping they last for a couple of days!\

  3. Well you know I would love this post. LOVE your red roo and how proudly you have him/her displayed. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party...I believe this is for my next one, but I just happened to be bopping around.


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